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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How can I initiate the first appointment with you?

Answer: In Heal To thrive Psychotherapy and Counseling Center I offer a free 20 minute initial phone or in person consultation, in which you can receive answers for your questions and find out how I can help.

Question: Are psychotherapy services covered by OHIP?

Answer: Psychotherapy is considered a regulated health profession in Ontario, but psychotherapy costs are not covered by OHIP. However, many extended health benefits plans cover psychotherapy costs offered by registered psychotherapists (RP) in full or in part. Please directly check with your private health provider to get more information and verify if they cover the cost of psychotherapy services before the first session. 

Question: I am a refugee claimant in Canada. What do I need to do to be able to receive free psychotherapy services?

Answer: If you are a refugee claimant in Canada, you may be eligible to receive free psychotherapy services. You need to provide Heal To Thrive Psychotherapy And Counseling Center with a referral letter from your family doctor as well as your 10-digit UCI number. This helps Heal To Thrive Psychotherapy And Counseling Center to verify your eligibility for receiving free psychotherapy services.  

Question: Do I get charged for taxes in addition to the hourly fee?

Answer: Yes, you will be charged for HST tax (%13) and it is because psychotherapy services are not exempt from HST in Ontario.

Question: How much is the fee?

Answer: Psychotherapy services cost $170- 250 per session to be paid prior to each session. The amount will be determined at the  initial consultation, depending on the case.


Question: How much is the fee for single sessions?

Answer: Single sessions cost $250 for a 90-minute session to be paid prior to each session.

Question: I am struggling in my relationship with my partner. I am specifically interested in the Gottman Method Approach in Couple Therapy. How does it work?

Answer: Heal To Thrive Psychotherapy And Counseling Center offers this approach in couple therapy. If you are specifically interested to be treated through this approach you need to participate in 3 assessment sessions, each session lasts about 80-90 minutes. In the first session you and your partner will be seen together in which the history of your relationship, specific areas of concerns, and your goals for couple therapy will be discussed. After the first session, you will be invited to fill an online relationship checkup though The Gottman Institute. After you finished the online questionnaire, which is consisted of 480 questions, your psychotherapist will receive the result which will be discussed with you at the third assessment session. In the second session, you will be seen individually for about 40-45 minutes. In the third session, your therapist will review the result of her findings, as well as the result from the online relationship checkup with you and come up with a treatment plan.

Question: How much does the assessment in Gottman method cost?

Answer: Each assessment session cost $250 and take about 80-90 minutes.

Question: Do you have any sliding scale?

Answer: There are a few spots with sliding scales available for those facing financial hardships. Please contact the office for further information.

Question: What is your cancelation, late, and no-show policy?

Answer: Heal To thrive Psychotherapy and Counseling Center requires a 24-hours advance notice for any rescheduling or cancelation purposes. Please be advised that appointment times are specifically scheduled for you and late cancelation can cause considerable problems in our scheduling. A full fee would be charged in case of failure of notice or a short notice for cancelation or rescheduling. This is also the case for late arrivals or no shows. In case of missing one payment for psychotherapy sessions, therapy will stop until the account is settled.

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