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Building a Stronger Connection

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Couple Therapy

Managing and maintaining a healthy and happy marriage requires constant care and attention. Many couples may start struggling with some conflicts in their relationship and face with issues, such as losing their bonds and becoming emotionally and sexually disconnected.

They may feel that they lack the necessary skills, physiological calm, trust, and commitment to effectively manage a healthy relationship with their partners. Others may feel overwhelmed with some normal life transitions, such as deciding to start a family or becoming parents.

At Heal To Thrive Psychotherapy And Counseling Center, I use "The Gottman Method Approach in Transferring Relationships" to improve couples' communication skills and help them build a stronger connection. I also use Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT) strategies to help couples in different stages of their relationship to reconnect emotionally and get back to the track.

I provide couples with an opportunity to share their concerns in a safe and non-judgmental environment and learn the necessary skills to foster a healthy and happy relationship. 

Family Therapy

At Heal to Thrive Psychotherapy And Counseling Center, I offer family therapy sessions in a safe and supportive environment for those families who have encountered with some emotional disbalances. The impact of emotional ties within members of a family on the mental well-being of each of its members is usually overlooked, and this is something that can be addressed in family therapy sessions.

Any family can experience some disturbances at some point and any stressful life event, such as trauma, physical illness, death, and drastic changes inside a family, can greatly impact the mental health of each family member. Families who face issues such as substance abuse, alcoholism, remarriage, divorce, risky adolescent behaviours, or have a child with physical challenges or/and emotional dysfunction or a university student with adjustment problems can benefit from family therapy sessions.

At Heal To Thrive Psychotherapy And Counseling Center, I strive to help families reconnect and rebuild a healthy bond within their members through implementing healthy changes in the family dynamics. 

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